Group Classes

At A Body of Work we keep our group Equipment classes small so that our instructors can provide a great experience for all class participants. Enjoy an affordable way to add more workouts to your week. Pilates, Gyrotonic and Yoga can be used for cross training to keep you lean, mean and flexible.


Pilates is the ultimate mind+body exercise. It focuses on 6 main principles: centering, control, precision, breath, concentration, and dynamic flow. More Info

Pilates Reformer Fundamentals
This class teaches the basic Pilates principles and equipment set up that allow you to safely and effectively feel the benefits of a full-body workout.

Reformer Level 1
These 50 minute full-body workouts will melt away your stress, challenge your core, and send you home feeling invigorated, relaxed and renewed. These classes are ideal for beginners new to Pilates. We recommend you take our 4-part intro series of privates before trying these group classes.

Reformer Level 2
Take your practice to the next level and expand upon the basic Reformer exercises. You will learn more advanced exercises and how to execute them with precision, control and flow. Students must be at an intermediate level of fitness, injury free and have had at least 12 private sessions. Students are expected to know how to perform their own equipment settings for each exercise.

Pilates Circuit -All Levels
Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, and Chair - all in one! Get the most out of your time in the studio with this fun class. You'll get a great, full-body workout and learn how the different pieces of Pilates Equipment can challenge the body from all angles.

Pilates for Healthy Bones – All Levels
With the older adult in mind, this class is centered on exercises that are safe for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis. The class is designed to build strength to combat bone density loss and awareness of moving through life safely to prevent injury. We recommend anyone preparing to begin a new exercise program should consult with their physician before starting.


Experience the freedom and flexibility of GYROTONIC®. You can stretch and strengthen your body all in one workout. It’s like “swimming in air.” More Info

GYROTONIC® Tower – All Levels
The GYROTONIC® Tower is a specialized piece of equipment using weights on a pulley system, that facilitates fluid movement for the spine, muscles and joints. Come experience moving your body in multiple planes while integrating flexibility with strength training. The GYROTONIC® method ties in elements from Tai Chi, gymnastics and swimming, to give you a well rounded workout with a rhythmic component. You’ll energize your nervous system and increase overall wellness. Space is limited to 5 students per class.

This class taps into the bodies kinesthetic awareness and moves you through invigorating movement sequences. Initiating from the spine into spiraling movement through the entire body you will feel the heat as you work fluidly through a full body workout. Exercises are performed seated on low stools, on the floor, and standing.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is for all ages and levels. It will help improve your posture, coordination, balance, stability, flexibility, and strength. More Info


Keep calm and do yoga. We offer various types of yoga classes, including Hatha, Iyengar, and Ageless Yoga. More Info