All of our superior instructors will guide you through focused, whole-body workouts. Whether you're recovering from an injury, building strength and flexibility for a specific sport, or looking to improve your posture - you will benefit from the individual attention of our skilled trainers.


Jean Sullivan

Studio Director and Founder of ITT Pilates

Jean is known internationally as a Master Pilates instructor and movement educator. She has been teaching Pilates, GYROTONIC® and fitness for more than 20 years and certifying Pilates instructors since 1998. Jean draws on her experience as a professional dancer and flying trapeze artist to bring an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching. She enjoys helping clients improve their movement patterns to alleviate pain, recover from injury or increase sports performance. She has extensive experience working with scoliosis, back and hip pain, shoulder issues, posture and alignment.


Mandi Monique Bateman

Pilates, Yoga

Mandi has been teaching yoga for over ten years. Her passion and mission are to bring a more scientific-based alignment paradigm to the yoga community, specifically to increase joint longevity. Since Mandi began her research, she has become increasing more inspired by the human form and how resilient we are. She passes on her own awe for the human body to her students replacing self-doubt with reverence for oneself.

Cathy Berman


Cathy has studied yoga since the age of 10 and still has a daily practice. She also studied South Indian Dance for twelve years and continues to be dedicated to helping others increase their health and learn healthy movement practices. She thrives on seeing her clients discover new capabilities that help them find more ease of movement, lessening of pain and radiant health.


Nicole Bonadonna


As a professional dancer, Nicole used Pilates and GYROTONIC® as a supplement to her training, for rehab and to help condition her body for the highly physical demands of the work. As a teacher, she draws on her extensive knowledge of the body in motion to facilitate her clients discovery of their own movement and flow. She has a strong interest and knowledge in alternative health and nutrition, which she graciously shares with her clients to complement her teaching.

Clare Cleveland


Clare studied biology and psychology and has over twenty years of experience in medical research for Stanford University Psychiatry and UCSF Department of Medicine. Her multi- disciplinary background enables her to work well with adults of all fitness levels, dancers, and those recovering from injury or with chronic conditions. She works to facilitate her clients' overall well-being by teaching them to re-pattern movement and postural habits, and improve body and breath awareness.

Karen Henderson.jpg

Karen Henderson


Karen has appreciated the joy of movement from a very young age, beginning ballet lessons at two years old. She found Pilates as a way to rehab a severe neck and back injury. Karen trained under the instruction of Jean Sullivan through ITT Pilates. Karen has experience working with athletes, dancers, pre and postnatal clients, as well as clients looking to rehab from an injury.  Karen incorporates creative and intelligent movement into her sessions, ranging from traditional Pilates exercises to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). She loves helping her clients discover and maintain proper alignment in order to work efficiently, deeply, and pain-free.   

Hilary Power Steinberg


Hilary is a graduate of the  ITT Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Training Program and is passionate about sharing her love of Pilates with her clients. She particularly enjoys helping her clients attain better overall health through increasing their body awareness through mindful movement. Hilary brings energy, creativity and humor to her sessions and loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with clients of all ages and fitness levels. In addition to singing professionally, Hilary’s interests include yoga, hiking, reading, cooking and nutrition.


Annie Leonard


Annie, a native San Franciscan, discovered GYROTONIC® during her years as a ballet dancer. Her experience with Henry Berg’s floor barre encouraged her to study Pilates and GYROTONIC® while she was still dancing. Her interest in body movement and structure led her to study massage at the National Holistic Institute. Annie continued her GYROTONIC® training with Nicole at Body of Work and then studied with master trainers Kathy Van Patten and Debra Rose. She enjoys teaching privates and group classes and is excited to be at A Body of Work.


Fran Sholly

GYROTONIC®, Pilates, ITT Pilates Educator

Fran embarked on her now 30-year exploration of fitness and movement therapies seeking to ease the musculoskeletal pain and imbalances in her own body resulting from scoliosis. She specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues, such as scoliosis, and is skilled at restoring optimal balance in musculature and minimizing patterns of compensation. She can tailor and modify exercises for those recovering from accidents, injuries, and surgeries.

Margaret Tappan

ITT Pilates Educator

Margaret is former professional ballet dancer and an avid and enthusiastic teacher of movement. She is especially interested in the therapeutic applications of the Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods as a means of stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal. She specializes in correcting faulty posture and movement patterns, alleviating chronic pain in clients with special needs, such as scoliosis, sports and dance related injuries. Ultimately, she aspires to bring the joy of movement into people’s lives.


James Power


James draws on more than twenty years of experience and advanced training, assessing and identifying clients' physical issues, customizing multi-modal treatment sessions that include Active Release Techniques, Neurokinetic Therapy, and other advanced orthopedic massage techniques. He confidently and accurately addresses both acute and chronic injuries. James believes bodywork plays an important role in overall health and total wellness, and helps clients understand their own bodies better, putting them in a position of power. Providing excellent bodywork is more than a job. He says, "It is my life purpose, and it brings me great joy and happiness."


Larry Matthews.jpg

Larry Matthews


Larry began his massage practice after a  twenty-two year long career in ballet. When he retired from dancing his wife suggested he take up massage as a way of staying connected to the dancing profession. Larry styles his work after the type of massage that served him best as a dancer. Larry specializes in “Deep Tissue/Sports Massage” designed with dancer’s needs in mind. It is suited for athletic people in general.

Ronan Lennon

Functional Fitness

Ronan has been coaching fitness training for 24 years. He teaches corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, as well as sports performance. Ronan's workouts are fun and inspiring with an emphasis on proper alignment and form. He uses his skills in coaching flexibility, stability, mobility and core strength to create a foundation for strength and power. His workout programs are carefully designed to suit his clients goals. He enjoys a diverse range of clients and is passionate about making a real difference in their Health and Wellbeing.